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We are all equal in the eyes of God according to the bible and no one is important than others. However, we are from different backgrounds with different beliefs and understanding and thus we cannot think along the same line. This therefore calls for a joint understanding among people on the availability of different answers given one questions as people will think and reason differently. I therefore encourage people to follow advices given by other people but make final decisions from their own point of view.

My advice to these students check it out is that they should stop looking for these services and try to come up with their own essay papers. Schools most of the time force students to take certain courses or take part in a certain sporting activity without considering the interest of students. This is not bad if the choice is the best but it has the consequence of making students bored since their interests and talent may be lying in a different field. Therefore if people are supposed to work and become productive, it is good that they are allowed to make their own decisions and follow them till they succeed in life.

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